is a plan to fill the world with KUROMI and KUROMIES.

By spreading Kuromi’s message,
and connecting with Kuromi, we’re sure to increase the number of KUROMIES, all with the same goal of becoming the best version of themselves.

A message from KUROMI

TOGETHER let's dream without fear

Today, let’ s make a promise to be forever uniquely ourselves.

As charming and cheeky, or as bold and brave.

You are AMAZING in every way.

TOGETHER let’s dream without fear and believe beyond the universe.

The world is ours to explore!


Short animation is streaming now

I’m the star this time!
Laughter, tears, and everything in between!
This exciting adventure with Kuromi and her friends is about to begin!
Kuromi and her friends are going to take on the world!
We hope you’ll cheer them on!


KUROMI, whose birthday is coming up on October 31st, is hosting #KUROMIFYTHEWORLDWEEK again this year! Under the theme of "KUROMI'S WORLD JOURNEY", we have prepared a plan that will give everyone a chance to step out into the world with KUROMI and become the person they want to be💜 Check out the special page for more details✨

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窓辺でのんびり気分 #kuromi #クロミ #世界クロミ化計画 #shorts

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